Educators and schools are better able to leverage internal resources and save money, improve learning outcomes, and provide the convenience, flexibility, and support that students require. The bottom line: we make it easier for you to do this part of your job. The rest, of course, is up to you.
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Take two geeky (read: cutting edge) education technology pioneers – coincidently former educators themselves – who are passionate about using technology to improve the delivery and use of course material.

Build a web platform that encompasses the course assembly and delivery process from start to finish.
Leverage leading technology to ensure the most optimal educator and student experience available.

Assemble a responsive and caring team of folks who work tirelessly to constantly improve Study.Net – even if we think it’s pretty good already.
Dr. Charles Morrissey starts Study.Net, inspired by his Ph.D research that online collaborative learning could lead to better educational outcomes.
Collaborative online learning defined the nascent company; leverage new technologies as a neutral, one-stop resource, to improve learning performance.
When Study.Net first developed its service for convenient, efficient delivery of digital learning content, the required technology was still developing.
Study.Net expanded the idea of collaborative learning and pioneered use of the Internet for the direct delivery of business cases and articles to students, in partnership with Harvard Business Publishing.
The advent of accessible broadband connectivity, inexpensive laptops (and now tablets), and growing digital content libraries enabled rapid growth and widespread use.
More than 10,000 educators at over 1,000 universities worldwide have used Study.Net to assemble, manage, and deliver digital course material.
Study.Net is, and continues to be, at the forefront of digital technology in higher education – as a delivery service and content management platform. We make teaching and learning more convenient and accessible through an ever expanding range of services and content tools.
Study.Net's founders, Chuck Morrissey, and the company's first outside investor,
Jay McGoodwin, provide the vision to guide Study.Net in a market characterized by rapid technology shifts and increasing acceptance of online services.
Study.Net has always been about pushing the boundaries of technology in education. Our continuing effort to construct an easy to use digital learning space is a testament to this mission.  Bio
I take education personally. Study.Net has been part of a long-term commitment to make effective learning accessible to an ever growing group of learners. After 15 years, we've shown we're serious about the mission.  Bio
Chuck Morrissey co-founded Study.Net Corporation in 1996 with a fellow alumnus of Harvard Business School. His professional activities have focused on the role of technology in education. Early in his career, Dr. Morrissey was a co-founder of Time Share Corporation, the pioneer in instructional technology based on the Dartmouth BASIC language project, which was later acquired by Houghton Mifflin.

Before starting Study.Net, Chuck began a teaching career in which he was a founding faculty member of the Technology Management program at Pepperdine University, where he is now Emeritus Professor of Management. He graduated with a bachelor's degree from Colby College, a master's degree from Harvard Business School and holds a Ph.D. from the Drucker Graduate School of Management at Claremont Graduate University.
Jay McGoodwin provided the initial seed capital to launch Study.Net Corporation and currently serves as President of the company. His business activities are focused on the application of technology in the fields or education and creative design. As a private equity investor, he has worked with more than 100 companies - as an investor, shareholder, board member, advisor, and active manager.

For seven years, Jay also served as an adjunct professor at the University of California, Irvine Graduate School of Business, where he taught entrepreneurship. He has extensive experience with the use of web-based technologies to improve learning performance. Jay is an honors graduate (BBA - Finance) from the University of Oregon and earned a master's degree (MBA) from Harvard Business School.